Asia Pacific Technology and Innovation Forum launched  - 12th March 2010

Ohori Capital today announced that is has launched the Asia Pacific Technology & Innovation Forum (APAC TIF) in order to encourage small to medium size companies to work cooperatively to develop and commercialize new products and technologies.

The purposes of the APAC Technology & Innovation Forum will be:

- To encourage small and medium sized overseas based companies and ventures to work with a Japanese technology partner(s) in order to enter the markets in Japan & the Asia Pacific region.

- To create partnerships between companies across the Asia Pacific region in order to develop or refine innovative solutions in areas such as solar power & renewable energy, mobile & wireless technologies, information technology & and environmentally friendly products.

- To provide an active forum that encourages "original" or "visionary" thinking.

The Forum will be managed from Fukuoka, Japan, however seminars and meetings in other locations within the Asia Pacific Region will be held from time to time.

The Forum will also assists non-Japanese companies enter the market in Japan and other Asian markets by helping them to find business & technology partners who can support their business plans in the region.


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