Technology and Innovation

To help stimulate and encourage the development of new technolgies Ohori Capital as a founding member, establised the Asia Pacific Technology and Innovation Forum in 2010. In early 2013, it was decided to focus this forum on sustainable shipping, clean technology, marine renewable energy and ocean related technologies. In 2020 all activties releated to this fourm were incoporated into the Eco Marine Power (EMP) Research Institute.

The EMP Research Institute is a virtual institute that links a wide variety of research projects & research locations so that knowledge and resources can be shared. The institute also conducts research with other companies working with renewable energy and green shipping related technologies. All the research projects and areas listed on this page are incorporated within the Eco Marine Power Research Institute.

Companies currently associated with the EMP Research Institute include The Furukawa Battery Company, Teramoto Iron Works & KEI System.

Topics & research areas investigated by the institute include:

    Study of ship and marine solar power systems including photovoltaic (PV) panel technologies.

    Airflow around ships and marine structures.

    Ship-based automation, control and monitoring systems.

    Autonomous and unmanned vessels.

    Energy storage technologies including fuel cells.



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