What We Do

Ohori Capital seeks to work with companies developing renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies especially related to wind and solar power. Our focous is on companies in Australia and Japan or companies interested in those markets.

By working with our business partners and associates, we can offer our clients a wide ranges of services in such areas as:

  • The development and review of practical market entry & business plans. We don't believe in death by documentation!

  • Project and programme management support.

  • Business and technology partner searches.

  • Risk management.

  • Marketing and sales support.

  • Business opportunity seminars.

  • Product management.

  • Technology development and systems management support.

  • Market research.

  • Strategic business planning.

Ohori Capital also manages a portfolio of assets on behalf of Ohori Investments Pty. Ltd. and undertakes research into Australian and Japanese listed companies.



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